Customised Archimate 2.1 Foundation

Customised Archimate 2.1 Foundation

Customised Archimate 2.1 Foundation
Rabu, Julai 20, 2016 to Khamis, Julai 21, 2016
2016 - 09:00 to 17:30
Dua Hari


Unit 0: Introduction to ArchiMate®

Unit 1: Foundations of Enterprise Architecture

Unit 2: Enterprise Architecture Modeling using the ArchiMate® 2 language

Unit 3: The Business Layer Modeling

Unit 4: The Application Layer Modeling

Unit 5: The Technology Layer Modeling

Unit 6: Modeling Cross Layer Dependencies

Unit 7: Modeling Relationships

Unit 8: ArchiMate Viewpoints (Templates)

Unit 9: ArchiMate Language Extension Mechanisms

Unit 10: The Motivation Extension

Unit 11: The Implementation and Migration Extension

Unit 12: Mapping Between the ArchiMate with TOGAF Viewpoints (Templates)

Unit 13: Course Summary


The Open Group ArchiMate® is an open universal modelling language for Enterprise Architecture supported in use by myriad tool vendors and consulting firms. ArchiMate® presents in an unambiguous way standardized EA diagrams to visualize, describe and analyze the whole range of architecture domains including their various dependencies and relationships. In this customized 2 Days course participant will learn the principles and concepts behind the ArchiMate® EA notational language and apply them to 1GovEA framework which is the methodology and framework with which 1GovEA architects can represent the views and concerns of all stakeholders (especially those impacted by the change process) on the way to improving business efficiency across Malaysian Public Sectors.  

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