1GovEA Basic Course (12-15 April 2016)

1GovEA Basic Course (12-15 April 2016)

1GovEA Basic Course (12-15 April 2016)

ATD Solution Mid Valley Office

ATD Solution (M) Sdn. Bhd. BM 51-11, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Selasa, April 12, 2016 to Jumaat, April 15, 2016
2016 - 09:00 to 17:00
Empat Hari


Day 1 & 2:

Enterprise Architecture Landscape

Group Discussion 1: Defining an IT Architect’s Journey

Understanding challenges

The Business Values of IT Architecture

Group Discussion 2: Revealing Business Values on IT Architecture (ROI)

Self-Assessment: IT Architecture Skill Assessments

Business Technology Strategy Foundational Skills

Strategic IT Architecture Management

IT Environment and Quality Attributes Foundational Skills

Group Discussion 3: Measuring the goodness of IT Architecture

Human Dynamics Foundational Skills

Group Discussion 4: Human Dynamics & Behaviors Pattern test

Class Activity – Applying ITABOK Skills using Lego as Building Blocks

Design Foundational Skills

IT Governance in a Nutshell

The Scope and Roles of Business Architects

The Driving Force for Business Architecture Initiative

Value Stream Integration with Business Architecture

Group Discussion 5: Value Stream Case Study based on Levi’s

Business Requirement Architecture Unveiled

Group Discussion 6: Draw Use Case Diagram

Use Cases Scenarios in Business Requirement Architecture

Group Discussion 7: Do Basic Flow section – Library System

Walkthrough Business Requirement Architecture Template

Group Discussion 8: Complete Use Case Documentation – Hotel Management System Case Study

Day 3 & 4:

TOGAF Management Overview

ADM Phase: Preliminary

Group Discussion 9: EA for a European Insurance Company

Business Scenarios

Group Discussion 10: A SMART Business Scenario

Stakeholder Management

Group Discussion 11: EA for a Low Cost Airline in North America

ADM Phase A: Architecture Vision

ADM Phase B: Business Architecture

Group Discussion 12: Five sources of information for Baseline Architecture

ADM Phase C: Information Systems Architecture Overview

ADM Phase C: IS - Data Architecture

Group Discussion 13: Five sources of information for Data Architecture

ADM Phase C: IS - Application Architecture

Group Discussion 14: Five sources of information for Application Architecture

ADM Phase D: Technology Architecture

Group Discussion 15: Five sources of information for Technology Architecture

Migration Planning Techniques

Group Discussion 16: Business Values Assessment Technique

ADM Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions

Group Discussion 17: EA for a Major Bank

ADM Phase F: Migration Planning

Group Discussion 18: EA for a Telco company

ADM Phase G: Implementation Governance

Group Discussion 19: EA for a Major Logistics company

ADM Phase H: Architecture Change Management

Architecture Requirement Management


1GovEA Basic Course is an early inisiative to equipped the participants with basic understanding of 1GovEA. In todays century, enterprise transformation through EA is an important factor to ensure the success of an organization. This can be realise through the use of technology as strategic tool in increasing the earnings and profits in business. Accordingly, this course prepares the participant with the fundamental understanding of how EA helps in the integration of business and IT in achieving its capability through technology investment in an organization.Implementation method of this course starts with briefing session and discussion with the participants about 1GovEA. They are encouraged to prepare questions and participate in every activity held within the course. Participants will be practically exposed in organizing 1GovEA basic course. 

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