Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminars Singapore 2018

Digital Enterprise Architecture Seminars Singapore 2018
Khamis, Ogos 30, 2018
2018 - 09:00
Satu Hari

Being a technology innovation leader and practitioner today, one would need to scale their respective roles and capabilities to meet the organisation’s digital business expectations for the future, one need to act now, or risk being disrupted and left behind. Digital Enterprise Architecture empowers businesses to clarify the organisational process, information, and technological elements that is aligned to the organisational goals that helps drive a successful enterprise to establish a connected enterprise with efficient approaches to connect the digital technology landscape to the business strategy.This seminar brings together local partners and communities, International and local industry leaders and practitioners to share on the best practices that are essential for the success of digital enterprises. This event will explore the business strategies, competencies, tools, and techniques required for Enterprise Architecture Leadership and Adoption, and how these insights can be applied to your own organisation’s goals and needs

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