Frequently Asked Questions


Should the architecture designed in detail?

Architecture detail depending on the maturity of the capabilities and scope of EA initiatives. Architecture can be developed at strategy level (strategic architecture) of high-level enterprise architecture, a segment (segment architecture) which is one of the core services or programs selected and the ability (capability segment) architecture of the project during the implementation of programs/projects/initiatives.

What is the appropriate approach to implement EA, which is a new initiative among agency staff?

The appropriate approach to implementing EA among agency staff is to provide Change Management Programme in public sector level that leads by MAMPU and continued at the Ministry / Department by EA team in their agencies.

Should a person skilled in the four domain architecture to become a Chief Architect?

A Chief Architect accordingly need to be proficient in all four domains, but it depends on the complexity of the business of the organization. However, the agency needs to have a group of architects with each EA domain . Normally, Chief Architect proficient in one or two major domains and have knowledge in other domains.

What are the criteria needed to become a Business Architect and does IT officer allow to become Business Architect?

Business Architect consists of business officer but ICT officer who understand business domain also worth to become Business Architect.

Does Business Architecture domain can be ignored in the implementation of EA?

Domain Business Architecture can not be completely ignored in the implementation of EA but rather quick review, validation and verification can be carried out on the next Busines Architecture domain and uploaded to a centralized repository 1GovEA.

When there is a combination of elements of business and ICT, ICT Division will be driver in EA initiatives and how to get buy-in from top management on the implementation of EA ?

Business aspects are fundamental for the creation of an organization, so the business people should lead EA initiatives. To get buy-in from top management, the agency should seek to convince their management that EA is importance fundamentals in transforming business and the realization of the strategy.

Does Build / Operate level in 1GovEA Methodology related to system development?

Build / Operate  level in 1GovEA methodology is related to the implementation of programs / projects / initiatives identified in the Target Architecture and EA Roadmap. It involves the implementation team (Project Management, System Builder and subject matter expert). Management agency must decide whether Target Architecture and Roadmap EA designed need to be carried out internally (by the agency) or by a third party (consultant / external company). If the implementation of programs / projects / initiatives EA conducted internally, the implementation team (Project Management and System Builder) should be given a description of the requirements and responsibilities of their EA practices.

Does EA is a process?

EA is a structured approach that is a critical force for the implementation of the core strategic transformation and agencies. It has six (6) components, namely Vision, Governance Principles, 4 main Domain, methodology and respository. Methodology Components is a description of the process for developing the enterprise architecture.  


The public sector agencies has existed Standard of Procedure (SOP), Work Procedure Manual (WPM) and 5S, therefore why EA should be implemented?

SOP, WPM and 5S is part of various work procedures / processes that help organizations conduct business efficiently and effectively. EA is a framework and methodology that can assist agencies in the successful implementation of programs / projects / initiatives planned in the Strategic Business Plan and ICT Strategic Plan. Through EA approach, architecture is designed by an organization structure and ICT business component so that both components are aligned with each other.

The Agency has existed Business Strategic Plan (BSP) and the ICT Strategic Plan (ISP), but why Enterprise Architecture (EA) should be implemented?

BSP and ISP is the organization's strategic plans for high-level. EA also is an approach to transform the agency conducted an extensive strategic planning and development, including architecture and implementation across the four main domains of business, data, application and technology. EA produce outputs and deliverables in the form of artifacts (diagrams, matrices and catalogs) and document which helps to increase the capacity of the agency in the realization of each strategic plans.

I am from public sector, how can I involve and contribute in 1GovEA?

Please contact1GovEA team.

What is 1GovEA?
1GovEA is a framework and methodology for guiding the public sector agencies in Malaysia in building EA practices. The primary aim of 1GovEA is to provide a common approach, set of steps and templates to ensure a consistent method of EA development in the public sector.
1GovEA will define a new way for public sector agencies to approach business and technology challenges. With the adoption of EA practices, agencies will establish a single view of the current business and technical environment of the organisation.
For detailed explanation, please visit: 1GovEA Background