MyGovEA Framework

MyGovEA is guided by the architectural framework developed to define the core architecture elements in building and operating EA practices. The framework provides a set of functional guides describing key components of MyGovEA. An agency will need to develop these components as it embarks on building its EA practice.

MyGovEA Framework comprises of six (6) key components namely:
  1. MyGovEA Vision
  2. Principles
  3. Architecture Domains
  4. Governance
  5. Methodology
  6. Tools and Repository
Each of these components are expanded in the following table:
MyGovEA Vision The vision is a statement of intent that promotes the ultimate aim behind the establishment of MyGovEA initiative in the public sector. Read more
Architecture Principles Architecture Principles describes the overarching architecture standards to guide public sector agencies in the development of the business and technical architecture. Read more
Architecture Domains Architecture Domains define the four (4) areas of architecture namely business, data, application and technology that needs to be developed and maintained as the public sector agencies embark on building the EA practices. Read more
Governance The Governance component describes the recommended structure and operating model that needs to be put in place to support the implementation and operationalisation of EA practices. Read more
Methodology The Methodology outlines the structured approach (e.g. stages and steps) to be adopted by the public sector agencies when developing their EA practices. Read more
Tools and Repository The Tools and Repository components describes the recommended tools and the common repository structure adopted by public sector agencies for documenting artefacts. Read more