MyGovEA Methodology

MyGovEA  Methodology describes an important component of the framework focussing on providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide to be followed by agencies embarking on building EA practices. The methodology comprises of five (5) development stages each stage consists of defined objectives and outcome and supported by templates and tools to assist the agency to accomplish the stage. 
  • Stage 1 : Initiate
  • Stage 2 : Assess
  • Stage 3 : Define
  • Stage 4 : Build/Operate
  • Stage 5 : Monitor

Ongoing Requirements Management
The Ongoing Requirements Management is another integral part of the 1GovEA Methodology. The component guides architecture team to manage the process of capturing and changing of requirements. The Ongoing Requirements Management starts in the 2nd stage of the methodology where architecture team will establish a baseline requirement of the architecture work. 
The following sub-sections will describe each stage in further detail.