Governance Structure

Governance structure of MyGovEA that is based in MAMPU, is known as Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO). It is responsible in coordinating and monitoring overall development and implementation of EA throughout public sectors. EAO is made up of three (3) teams which are Architecture Team, Project Management Office (PMO) and Change Management Office (CMO). Figure below shows the governance structure of EAO that is based in MAMPU.

Roles in EAO
Roles in EAO are as follow:

  • EAO is led by Chief architect who is in charge of supervision and coordination of tasks assigned to Architecture team, PMO and CMO. He is also responsible to establish and organize EA agencies for business domain, data, application and technology. Chief architect is required to be competent in strategic planning for business and ICT, ICT development, project management, solving business and ICT change alignment as well as knowledgeable in business and ICT operation.
  • Business Architecture team consists of individuals with skills and specific knowledge in business, process and operation of the agency. These individuals are responsible to define and organize business architecture that describes about the correlation between operation and service which supports business strategy for Public Sector agencies.
  • Data Architecture team consists of individuals with skills and specific knowledge in data and information needs of the agency which support business operation. Data architect is responsible to establish and maintain good conduct in managing data organization for Public Sector agency.
  • Application Architecture team consists of individuals with skills and specific/detail knowledge about application system that supports the business needs of Public Sector agency.
  • Technology Architecture team consists of individuals with skills and specific knowledge in development and update of the architecture technology for the agency. Technology architect is responsible to control the design and implementation of ICT infrastructure for the agency in order to ensure it is in accordance with the guideline provided for architecture technology development in Public Sector agency.

Roles of PMO
Project Management Office is responsible in monitoring the implementation of EA initiative, assist and cooperate with the initiative throughout the agency.

Roles of CMO
Change Management Office will implement Change Management Plan that functioning as guideline for Change Management Program in every implementation stage of MyGovEA.

Governance of EAO Agency
EAO should be established in order to develop and implement EA in Public Sector agency. The structure of EAO governance is suggested to have similar structure as the one located in MAMPU. It is made up of three (3) teams which are Architecture team, Project Management Office team, and Change Management Office team. EAO should be established in the agency before starting EA development by considering options below:

  1. Establishment of EAO Agency depends on the size of the agency, work scope of the architecture and available resources.
  2. Establishment of EAO Agency as a unit/ working group/ committee that is reporting to Chief Director/ Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the agency.
  3. EAO teams of the agency should be recruited based on the skills and competency to lead the development of EA and business operation in the agency.