Background of MyGovEA

MyGovEA is a framework and methodology for guiding the public sector agencies in Malaysia in building EA practices. The primary aim of MyGovEA is to provide a common approach, steps and templates to ensure consistent method of EA development in the public sector. By establishing EA capabilities and adopting the common EA practices, MyGovEA will help agencies to deliver the following key business values:

  • Providing consistent and timely delivery of services in the most cost-effective manner while meeting the public expectations.
  • Enhancing the business capabilities in the public sector through strategic and holistic consolidation of ICT capabilities.
  • Delivering citizen-centric services that promote public participations.
  • Establishing greater cross agencies collaboration on data sharing.
  • Consolidating duplicate services and enabling re-usable and shared services across the agencies.

MyGovEA will define a new way for public sector agencies to approach business and technology challenges. With the adoption of EA practices, agencies will establish a single view of the current business and technical environment of the organisation. The single view will describe the inter-connectivity between businesses of the agency, processes to deliver the businesses, resources (people) responsible for performing the processes, information gathered and used/re-used, and the existing technology and infrastructure to support the delivery of the services. This view will assist agencies in various operational areas such as:

  • Identifying and designing new business services.
  • Consolidating or improving current services.
  • Analysing and solving current operational and technical challenges/issues.
  • Identifying new technology needs.
  • Analysing and designing how to embed the new technology.