MyGovEA Vision

MyGovEA vision defines the ultimate long-term goal that an organisation aspires to achieve with Enterprise Architecture in the future and how they plan to realise that goal. The Vision forms one of six components in the MyGovEA Framework and illustrates the ultimate aim of the Malaysian Government’s intention of embarking on developing EA practices in the public sector.

The MyGovEA Vision supports the EA development as it:

  • Acts as a reference point for guidance on all architectural work.
  • Relays EA objectives to all stakeholders.

The Vision is supported by three (3) strategic enablers that define the strategy for the roll-out of the MyGovEA initiative across the public sector.

1. Top-down Mandate for the Institutionalisation of MyGovEA in the Public Sector
A mandate should be established and communicated to provide public sector agencies with a clear directive on the government’s objectives and expected benefits for implementing MyGovEA in the public sector. Having a mandate as such helps to expedite certain processes such as securing commitment from the management level and obtaining the necessary budget to support the implementation of MyGovEA initiative.

2. Capability Development of MyGovEA Practitioners
Public sector agencies embarking on MyGovEA will require skilled and competent MyGovEA practitioners who will drive the EA practices in their respective agency. MAMPU has begun collaborating with Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN) to develop a structured programme for training and developing competencies to drive the development of MyGovEA practices.

3. MyGovEA Adoption Driven by Public Sector CIOs
The CIO in a public sector agency will play a significant role in promoting the adoption of EA practices based on the MyGovEA Framework and Methodology at their respective agencies. The Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) in MAMPU will be responsible for spearheading the MyGovEA adoption in future CIO programmes and activities with the support of the Central Office of the Architect acting as the MyGovEA secretariat. The MyGovEA champion role will be further cascaded to the agency’s CIO who will lead the EA implementation process throughout all phases.

MAMPU as the central agency tasked with overseeing the adoption of EA practices in the public sector will play an active role to drive the execution of the strategic enablers.